About Fleet Excess Insurance

Fleet Excess Insurance enables commercial vehicles up to 44 tonnes and operators of fleets up to 50 vehicles to protect themselves from high multiple excess costs. Customers are able to select the level of excess and size of fleet they wish to protect and in the event of a fault claim they will have their excess reimbursed as long as the value of the claim is higher than the main policy excess. The benefits from an excess policy are paid as soon as the main insurance policy has been settled. Cover also allows an unlimited number of claims up to the annual cover limit.

Fleet Excess Insurance can be sold under your brand and has been designed specifically to enhance your customer proposition and commercial product portfolio as an enhancement to your product offering or on a standalone basis.

Fleet Excess Insurance Benefits of Cover Include:

  • We will pay the policyholder an amount equal to the excess in relation to each settled claim on their main insurance policy up to annual aggregate limit in respect of claims arising from a commercial insurance claim only

Fleet Excess Insurance additional benefits of cover:

  • Policyholders are also covered when they have been unsuccessful in recovering the excess cost from a liable third party within six months of making a valid claim against them under their main insurance policy

Why Sell Fleet Excess Insurance?

  • Innovative product solution – in a growing marketplace
  • With excess limits are on the increase, this insurance gives businesses peace of mind that they will be reimbursed excess costs from claims made
  • Allows businesses to reduce the cost of the main insurance policy by opting for a bigger voluntary excess during this difficult economic climate
  • Gives an unlimited number of claims up to the annual cover limit
  • Could assist retention with the excess reimbursement funding customers’ renewal premiums
  • A valuable insurance that will enhance your brand and commercial motor product offering

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