About Key Insurance

Key Insurance provides peace of mind when office, car or home keys are lost, stolen or damaged. Due to technology for a modern cars and more sophisticated locks, the costs for replacement keys and locksmiths fees can escalate. Key Insurance gives extra peace of mind at a stressful and worrying time in addition to providing the added protection against costs incurred for replacement keys. This policy is a valuable addition to your portfolio either as an enhancement to your product offering or provided as a separate policy to motor or household insurance. Key Insurance offers the further benefit of protecting the No Claims Bonus (NCB) on the main insurance policy.

Key Insurance Benefits of Cover Include:

  • Key Insurance provides 24 hour, 365 days a year assistance for up to an agreed limit towards lock and key replacement and onward transportation in the event of lost or stolen vehicle (including reprogramming of alarms and immobilisers) or the policyholders house keys.

Additional Benefits of Cover:

  • Full range of cover limits available
  • Up to an agreed limit per day for up to 3 days for car hire if the policyholder is stranded from home due to theft or loss of their car keys or alternatively reasonable public transport or taxi fares
  • Up to an agreed limit towards gaining access in the event that the policyholders keys are locked in or broken in the lock of the policyholders vehicle or house and if necessary provide reimbursement for a replacement key or lock
  • Reprogramming of immobilisers, infra-red handsets and alarms is also covered

Why Sell Key Insurance??

  • Provides added reassurance when some car keys can cost up to several hundreds pounds to replace in addition to high locksmith call out fees
  • Customer can claim without affecting NCB on the main insurance policy assisting with renewals and gives an unlimited number of claims
  • There is NO excess payable
  • A valuable insurance that will enhance your brand and product offering

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