About Excess Insurance

Excess Insurance enables your customers to insure against having to pay an excess on a range of their insurance policies in the event of a fault claim, i.e. if there is no other liable party involved. The policy reimburses the excess paid upon settlement. Our Excess Insurance can be sold under your own brand and has been designed specifically to enhance your customer proposition and product portfolio. This product is a valuable addition to your offering either as an enhancement to your personal insurance policy or on a standalone basis.

Excess Insurance product options:

  • Home Excess Protection
  • Motor Excess Protection
  • Combined Excess Protection (Motor and Home)

Excess Insurance benefits of cover include:

  • Policyholders can select the level of excess protection required
  • In the event of a fault claim, customers will have their excess reimbursed, as long as the value of the claim is higher than the main policy excess
  • The benefits from an excess protection insurance policy are paid as soon as the main insurance policy has been settled
  • Cover also allows an unlimited number of claims up to the annual cover limit
  • All vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes can be covered e.g. car, motorcycle, motor home

Why Sell Excess Insurance?

  • Innovative product solution – in a growing marketplace
  • With excess limits are on the increase, this insurance gives businesses peace of mind that they will be reimbursed excess costs from claims made
  • Allows businesses to reduce the cost of the main insurance policy by opting for a higher voluntary excess during this difficult economic climate
  • Gives an unlimited number of claims up to the annual cover limit
  • Could assist retention with the excess reimbursement funding customers’ renewal premiums

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