About Home Emergency Insurance

Home Emergency Insurance covers customers in the event of an emergency in the home, such as a broken-down boiler, burst or frozen pipe, blocked drain or when the electricity fails. Home Emergency Insurance offers 24 hour, 365 days a year assurance for customers, providing access to out-of-ours claims handling and assistance which includes emergency repairs to the property or even arrangement of temporary accommodation. Home Emergency Insurance can be sold as an additional benefit to complement your household insurance policy or as an optional extra.

Home Emergency Insurance benefits of cover include:

Full range of cover limits available for a sudden unexpected incident to your home which needs temporary repair in the event of:

  • Failure of boiler, hot water system, central heating or main heating source (Provided the boiler has been serviced in the last 12 months and is not over 15 years old)
  • Failure of the gas or electricity supply within the home
  • Plumbing problems relating to blocked drains, leaking pipes, leaking radiators, water tanks or blocked toilet waste pipes within the home
  • Infestation of the home by brown rats, black rats, house mice, field mice, squirrels and wasps nests or hornets nests

Additional Benefits of Cover:

  • Immediate access to a trusted network of approved repairers via a 24 hour helpline
  • An extra £100 towards the cost of overnight accommodation (including transport) if your home becomes uninhabitable overnight
  • No limit on the amount of times you can claim in a year
  • No excess to pay
  • Your no claim discount is not affected

Why Sell Home Emergency Insurance?

  • Complements a household insurance policy or an enhancement to your product portfolio
  • A valuable insurance that will enhance your brand and product offering assisting with customer retention
  • Offers peace of mind that a household emergency will be resolved quickly and efficiently with the added financial protection against costly emergency repair and call out fees

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