About Lease Guard Refurbishment Insurance

Lease Guard Insurance has been designed to smooth out the end of lease process by covering the risk of recharges for refurbishment work providing cover for vehicles that are financed on agreements with an end of term obligation for the vehicle to be in a certain condition. With average recharges often in excess of £300, and varying recharging policies by finance companies, Lease Guard fixes your cost at the contract start. Lease Guard Insurance will cover the cost of repairs to scuffs, chips, and small dents that are normally not worth claiming for, and can be fixed using ‘smart repair’ techniques. Lease Guard can be white-labelled with your own branding and sold as an insurance enhancement to your product or as standalone insurance offering.

Lease Guard Cover Benefits of Cover Include:

  • At the end of lease, we will arrange and pay up to £500 for the policyholders vehicle to be refurbished up to BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear standards
  • Inspections are carried out by BVRLA accredited inspectors
  • The inspection is a full end of lease inspection covering all aspects of the return standard and is not limited to the cover provided by this policy
  • We provide the policyholder with an electronic report (including images) of their claim

Why Sell Lease Guard Insurance?

  • Protects the individual or company from inflation and rising costs of refurbishment work
  • Provides peace of mind with a fixed cost solution allowing customers to budget effectively and not have to worry about price increases
  • Inspections carried out by fully qualified inspectors with access to online inspection reports with images
  • Straightforward web based claims process

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