French Industrial Action Fuel Shortage

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French Industrial Action Fuel Shortage

Following industrial action (blockades of fuel depots), fuel purchasing restrictions have been put in place by local authorities in some parts of France.

In certain areas our customers may not be able to fill up fuel containers and fuel rationing may be imposed.

Some petrol stations may have run out of some types of fuel, which are likely to become more prevalent over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The website has produced a map, developed from data supplied by users of its mobile app, to help motorists identify petrol stations where fuel is not available.

Before travelling to France we would recommend your customers to:

  • Check all relevant websites
  • Seek alternative means of transport if possible
  • Look at alternative routes to their destination, if this involves travelling through, or to, the south of France
  • Leave the UK with a full tank of fuel
  • Take plenty of food and water as a precaution
  • Adhere to their transport operator’s terms and conditions for the carriage of  fuel  containers

During the period of disruption our breakdown partner AXA Assistance will:

  • Continue to provide a breakdown service in France, where possible to do so, however,  a proportion of our operators will be affected by fuel shortages themselves and may not be able to respond
  • Where vehicles have run out of fuel, we will endeavour to take them to the nearest garage, but cannot guarantee it will have a supply of fuel
  • We will not repatriate abandoned vehicles due to fuel starvation, where the driver/passengers have returned to the UK.

Please note customers may experience severe delays in attendance

We will be monitoring the situation over the weekend and provide further updates should the situation change. For the latest Government advice on the dispute, please refer to